Transform Plantation Community into a Village Community with Dignity, Self – Respect and Social Status to be on par with other Communities.


Promote the Well-Being of the Plantation Community by Improving the Habitat, Living Condition and Socio Economic Facilities.


Thrust Areas

  • Plantation Housing Development
  • Social Infrastructure Development
  • Economic Infrastructure Development
  • Livelihood Improvement


Main Functions of the Ministry

  • Establishment of new villages / townships, providing houses and infrastructure facilities for the betterment of the landless people who occupied in row line rooms and working at state and private plantation companies.
  • Implementation of projects which enhance livelihood and employment opportunities to empower the estate plantation communities.
  • Providing basic facilities and other requirements to uplift the estate community economically, socially and culturally.
  • Development of Infrastructure facilities in the rural plantation sector.


Functions Gazetted under Gazette Extra ordinary No 1896/28 on January 10, 2015 is as follows;

  • Formulation of policies, programmes and projects in regard to the subjects of Estate Infrastructure Development and all subjects that come under the purview of the Institutions listed in column II.
  • Socio economic development of estate communities
  • Implementation of projects for the improvement of livelihood & basic facilities for the empowerment of rural estate communities.
  • Development of Infrastructure facilities for rural estate sector.
  • All other subjects that coming under the purview of the following institutions.
    1. Rural Community Development (Youth Empowerment) Project
    2. Estate Sector Self – employment Revolving Fund
    3. Plantation Human Development Trust
  • Supervision of the above mentioned institutions