Indian Housing Programme (Progress as at 30th Sep. 2016)

Housing with the assistance of Indian Government

The project was commenced with the assistance of the Indian Government for the construction of 4000 housing units for the plantation community. The unit cost of a house in this project, is estimated to be Rs.1 Mn, out of which Rs. 950,000.00 will be given by the Indian government while Rs.30,000.00 worth contribution obtain from relevant plantation companies and the balance Rs.20,000 to be contributed by the beneficiary of the house. The GOSL (Government of Sri Lanka) has to meet the cost of water supply, electricity, access roads and other infrastructural facilities needed for the housing scheme. Rs 75 Mn has been allocated under the budgetary provision of the Ministry for 2016 to commence the Ist phase of this project.

Phase 1

Hon. Minister and Indian High Commissioner have signed the 1st phase of the agreement of the project on 01.04.2016 for the construction of 1134 housing units. Accordingly, the site preparation to build 1134 houses has been completed.

Phase 11

Priority has been given under the second phase for the houses affected by the land slides, fire or potential high risk land slide prone areas. Under this stage, it is scheduled to be constructed 2,866 houses. National Building & Research Organization (NBRO) and relevant Estate companies are in the process of identifying the suitable areas.

indian housing 1

indian housing 2

indian housing 3

indian housing 4